Editorial Statement

The goal of the Inquirer blog is to supply the students, staff, and community of Millersville, PA with relevant news they need to be free and self-governing citizens. As representatives of the Inquirer, we promise our public that we will do our best to explore all sides of an issue while reporting on the prominent, the relevant, the useful and the interesting stories that appeal to a wide variety of audiences. We will consistently strive for neutrality and objectivity, trusting that our personal biases will not stand in the way of fair and balanced news. We commit to keeping readers abreast with what is happening in their community, through covering stories not only in Millersville but also the greater Lancaster City/County area. Story topics will include sports, news, features, profiles, etc. We hope to gain a diverse readership by publishing a wide-range of stories that appeal to the interests of the majority. By focusing on what we deem newsworthy locally, we hope to inform our readers more about the community. Through this online medium we will remain accessible to not only a local but also global community. As an interactive community we invite further discussion and exploration of the topics we will cover and hope that our readers will come away with clearer understandings and even new perspectives.

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